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Lavender Plant Sales


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Red Rock Ranch & Farms LLC in Concho, AZ offers a selection of hard to find Lavender varieties for landscaping and commercial growers. 

Offering wholesale pricing for volume orders. Orders taken year-round.


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Lavandula Intermedia - Lavandin - Hybrid Lavender 



24”-30” high

Long-stemmed and the darkest blue-purple flower spikes of any of the hybrid types. A heavy bloomer, the flowers have a strong lavender fragrance with a hint of camphor. Zones 5-10




30” high

The light purple flowers on very long stems are very fragrant and dry beautifully for potpourri. It is more moisture tolerant than other varieties, and is recommended to gardeners who have difficulty over wintering lavenders. Zones 6-10.




24”-36” high

This is a white lavender and makes a beautiful contrast to the deep purple of ‘Grosso’ and other lavenders in a garden or a bouquet. It is highly perfumed, and is perfect for fresh or dried bouquets. Zones 5-11   



Fred Boutin

24”-36” high

A beautiful hybrid lavender best known for its long, attractive silver-grey leaves. It blooms mid-to late summer with tall stems of purple flowers. The flowers are not overly aromatic but they do bloom for a long time. Zones 6-9




 22”-24” high

Tolerant of both high heat and harsh winter. It shows resistance to the effects of humidity. Highly fragrant with concentrated essential oils, Phenomenal's spikes of purple-blue flowers attract butterflies and bees to the garden. Edible, deer-resistant and fast-growing, this silver-leafed lavender. Zones 5-9




Lavandula Angustifolia - True Lavender


Blue Cushion

16"x16” high

A spectacular, free-flowering dwarf lavender with deep blue flowers from early to late summer. Gray-green evergreen foliage on a compact bush. Used for potpourri, sachets, fresh and dried bouquets. Zones 5-8



Royal Velvet

18”-22" high

Is very showy when blooming plants are covered with dark navy-blue and lavender flower spikes. The 3 to 4 inch long flower spikes, hold their dark color superbly as a dried flower. Home gardeners will enjoy it for its rapid growth, its long bloom period in late spring/early summer, and tolerance of wet winters. Zones 5-10



Betty Blue

18”-24” high

Beautiful violet-blue flower spikes bloom mid to late summer. A compact variety that forms neat, dome-shaped plants. Sweetly fragrant, it is perfect for use fresh or dried. Excellent for colorful mass plantings. Zones 5-8



Buena Vista

18”-24” high

A compact English lavender with deep blue bi-colored flower spikes. When mature, it can bloom twice in late spring and again in September. Sweetly fragrant flowers and foliage. Can be used for bouquets and cooking. Zones 5-10 




18”-24” high

This variety grows to a small bush and has a sweet aroma. It has iridescent violet-blue flowers. It is used for cooking as well as sachets. Zones 5-9



 Hidcote Blue

12”-18” high

Deeply colored violet-blue flowers and a compact variety. It is an excellent choice for edging walks and paths, where the aromatic flowers and foliage can be easily enjoyed. Good variety for drying, as it holds its color well. One of the most cold-hardy lavenders. Zones 4-1




12”-16” high

Fragrant lavender with lavender-blue flowers and gray-green, mounded foliage. Excellent in fresh or dried bouquets. Zones 5-9 




Fields of Lavender at Red Rock Ranch and Farms, LLC


 field-25-grosso.jpg   fields-6.jpg

  'Grosso'                                                                                    'Royal Velvet'


 fields-4-chairs.jpg  field-20.jpg

 'Grosso' in Front and 'Alba' Behind                                      'Provence'











Lavender Plant Sales

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